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Facility Scheduling and Fee Policy

Persons or groups wishing to use the facility can contact the center to schedule use.

When the date and time are agreed on, the requestor will  be asked to fill out the Facility Use Agreement and pay any required fees or cleaning deposits.

When all arrangements are made the user will be given necessary keys.

Community based organizations may arrange for scheduled, ongoing use of the facility. Ongoing users are subject to renewal of agreement at 3 month intervals.

Fee/Deposit Schedule

Meeting Room $25.00
Gymnasium $50.00
Kitchen $50.00

The above usage fees are non-refundable and will apply to any non-resident users and all for-profit or advocacy group use. Community residents who  use the facility for small family functions such as baby showers and not for profit community groups will be charged a minimum fee of $5.00 and will agree to satisfactorily clean the facility after use or be assessed a clean-up fee equal to the use fee. For activities using the kitchen, the minimum fee is $10.00. If the kitchen is used for a concession the fee is $20.00.

County departments or NGOs (non-government organizations) connected with county agencies will be exempt from fees.

Facility use by other than community organizations may be negotiated on a case by case basis.