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Suches, GA


• The Suches Community Center, like all public buildings is a smoke free facility.

• Use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited anywhere on this property.

• Profanity, by word or sign is prohibited.

• Making threatening gestures is not allowed.

• Pushing, striking or fighting with another person will not be tolerated.

Persons failing to abide by these rules will be asked to cease their prohibited behavior. Refusal or repeat offences will result in the person being asked to leave and possibly being suspended fromĀ  participation in any activities in the center for periods up to five years. The determination of violations are made by recreation officials or staff. Any person may appeal their violation to the Recreation Department Board whose decision will be final.

These rules are in place to make the Suches Community Center a safe and enjoyable place for all citizens to participate in a variety of activities. Your cooperation is encouraged.