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The gym is the old Woody Gap School gym which was dismantled and rebuilt as much as possible for the community center. Many of the structural elements were used; some were not suitable and were replaced. However the finished gym looks and functions much as it did for the many years of use at the school. Among the recognizable elements of the gym are the basketball goals, scoreboard and mats on the walls at the ends of the court. Also much in evidence are the bleachers along one side of the court. They incorporate as much of the wood as could be salvaged from the original bleachers which were built by community members years ago and are constructed in the same form as were the originals. The gym is available for “pick-up” basketball or organized youth league use under the usual facility use guidelines. It has also served in many other ways including the Indian Summer Festival Square Dance, School Dances, the Annual Tree Lighting, the Fire Department Community Appreciation Dinner, a motorcycle rally, church meetings and several family reunions. There is a good supply of folding tables and chairs available for use in the gym. They can also be borrowed from the center.