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History of the Woody Gap Sports Club &
Indian Summer Festival

Twenty two years ago some faculty members and other community residents became aware that, on the eve of basketball season, there were no decent uniforms or other necessary equipment for the Woody Gap School students. In Walter Woody's  pasture across from the lake a fund raiser was organized that took the form of a yard sale plus. In subsequent years the need continued and the event grew into the Indian Summer Festival. The Sports Club evolved out of the need for some continuity of organization.
As the Festival grew the food concession moved into a trailer obtained for that purpose with a Coke tent along side. Later still a permanent concession building was constructed and has since been added to twice. The entertainment has moved from the ground to a hay trailer and there is now a permanent stage with up-to-date power which extends to several of the vendor booth sites on either side. These facilities have either been completely reconstructed or upgraded in the last two years and should serve the festival for a long time. They are also available for use by other groups in the community and such use is encouraged.
While the organization has retained the name Woody Gap Sports Club, this is more traditional than reflective of current emphasis. We still support the athletic programs of the school but also provide academic support in many ways, including scholarships for all Woody Gap graduates.
The club meets quarterly. The first quarter meeting is primarily organizational (election of officers, committee appointments, etc.); the second quarter is mostly pre-festival publicity and making sure we're all on the same page; the third quarter meeting is the pre-festival getting it all together (we Hope!) and the fourth quarter we have our "eatin' meetin'" to go over the results of the festival.
The Sports Club always welcomes the community to meetings and to membership which is open to anyone who shares our aims of supporting the school. While there is no denying that the festival requires a lot of work, we don't ask anyone to do more than they are willing and able to do. We also value the input of all members and guests.

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